1 Peter 3:1-2
In the same way, you wives must accept  the  authority  of  your  husbands. Then, even if some refuse to obey the Good  news, your  godly  lives  will  speak  to  them  without  any  words.They  will  be  won  over  by  observing  your  pure  and  reverent  lives.

Before a Christian even enters into a marriage relationship, he or she is seriously responsible for wisely choosing a mate. The bond of marriage is a lifetime commitment and not one to be lightly considered. It makes sense,then, that our responsibility for a successful marriage begins before we say,’I do.’ So many people today enter into marriage knowing that they have “strikes” against them but believing that love will conquer any incompatibilities. No matter how naturally compatible two people are, as any married person will affirm, a content and happy marriage requires work on the part of both participants. Why not enter this commitment with every advantage?This is a very difficult subject to broach,Now in days there is a great void that has come between a husband and wife. There are irreconcilable differences, faults that can be looked past, habits that each of you thought you could break the other of over time, neither realizing that the things you now hate were the things you first loved about them.We all want to take our lover and put them into a box knowing that they don’t fit, failing to realize that the only one who can change them is God and the only things that he will change about them are those problems and issues they have that are detrimental to their salvation, and that is usually just the way they think. The attitude of their heart he will change it from that of the world, to that of his way of thinking. Unless you are an incredibly nasty,or a horrible person, you essentially remain the same personality wise.

My point is this we all love someone for what they can be, in our eyes! We may have good intentions but do they match up with what God wants them to become? Have we in our push to change them, to make conform to sometimes ridiculous ideals, push them away from God rather than to him? Are your actions and speech contrary to what you are telling him he must become? Are you encouraging him to become some great and powerful man of God who has to ‘get it together quick smart’ and ‘hurry up and start walking on water already’, when your life resembles nothing of the Christian walk lain out for you in scripture.

 Have we made it almost impossible for them to accept Christ, because they feel that He requires something from them they could not possibly live up to?

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