My assignment is the speak on guarding ourselves from the seduction of lust. The first thing to understand about lust is that it is a spirit. The second thing to understand is that lust can not suduce you with anything that you dont already have a desire for. Lust in lame terms is desire. So if you have a desire for something internally, lust can then try and seduce tou with it. If you dont already have a desire for something then when it is presented to you, you can wasily say no. The bible tells us that men are drawn away bt their own lust so the only way to gaurd yourself of lust is done in three steps; your first must acknowledge what you lust (truth), then you must be delivered from it (have a true desire to no longer what you lust for, and be diciplined to not fall back into being suduced away again. Many times we deny the things we lust about because we dont want anyone to know what those things are and we dont want to admit it to ourselves. We are ashamed of our lust, but it isnt until we face what we lust for, tell the truth our what we lust for and acknowledge that it is us who lusts for that thing, that God can then help us. The bible says he loves nothing more than to hear His children walk in truth. God cant move until we tell then truth. After we tell the truth of ourselves to ourselves, to God, and to someone who can pray and hold us accountable to ourselves then comes stage two, deliverance. We have to not want what we desire for. Through truth God can create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit. These two elements are essential because lust lies in the heart and we operate in lust because lust is in us. So theae two areas need to change and only God can do that. But it require us being fed up with lust and believeing God can change us. Once we are healed through deliverance and God has come in and ourge out heart and spirit and the desire for want we used to lust for has been removed, then we can fight moving forward. One thing about a spirit to understand is that it will always try and come back to tempt you and it will always be a fight for thenreat ofnour lives to keep what we used to desire and lust for out. The bible says once a spirit comes out of a man it goes out seeking a new place to dwell and when it can not find anythinf it comes back to where it came out of with 7 apirit strong than it. But now that we have been purged of lust, it becomes easier to fight. But we must never give up on the fight and yield back because if we do, it wont be as easily ro be develiered from lust as it was initially. We have to keep asking God to hel lp us keep the clean heart and spirit he gave, keep being honest and truthful about being tempted by lust, and keep asking God to gaurd and remind us of the consequence of yielding to lust. We gaurd our selves from lust though truth, maintaining a clean heart and spirit, and discipline in keeping Gods word around us to gaurd us. When Jesus was on the mount and the devil came to tempt him three times you have to understand that the reason why jesus was able to fight the enemy is because what he was being tempted with was not inaide his heart to be drawn and seduce by and it was his use of the word of God to combat the word of the enemy. We have to do the same. Thes tools of truth and the word of God are at our disposal, we simply must use them so that we are not seduced away.

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