Faith to Move

Hebrews 11:8- By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went.

In this last season of the year, God is calling us to move into the realm of the unknown. Now you may say, “What do you mean by the unknown?” This simply means a new dimension of the unfamiliar. Your unknown may not be my unknown because we may be called to completely separate things. Nevertheless we all have an “unknown” place in our lives that is causing us to have to walk in a new level of faith. This place is unfamiliar, yet it has been designed to be a necessary part of purpose just like air was designed to be a necessary part of breathing. The level of faith that we are on is no longer adequate for the functionalities that we will be operating in in the year to come. Now for most of us, this can be a very intimidating place. Who really wants to go where they don’t know exactly what is awaiting them? Who really is trying move into a whole new way of life that may have the potential to be extremely uncomfortable? Well, if you are at all spiritual, right now, deep on the inside of you, there is a voice that screams to find that new place. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re excited about the process, but you are desperate for the change.

The bible says that Abraham, who is the father of faith went out not knowing where he was going or what really was awaiting him. According to Genesis 12:1, God told him to leave his country, kindred, and his father’s house. This means the Lord was telling him to leave natural location, cultural familiarity, and financial stability. This was a three dimensional transformation, which signifies the complete works of the Lord. God wants us to know that this next leap of faith is not just going to get us some of the things that we desire, but it will completely makeover who we are.

In Hebrews 11:8, it said “by faith” Abraham, when he was called moved, and this is what God is commanding of us right now, MOVE! No more waiting, no more time for repeated confirmations, it’s just simply time to move. What we have to see is that faith isn’t just a spiritual concept, it’s a vehicle to get where we have to go, it’s a foundation that holds us up when our environmental circumstances are shaky, and it’s a component of who we are. God is teaching us how to take our faith and make it spread across more than just one aspect of our spiritual walk. Faith is multi-dimensional and can be used on whatever it’s needed to do. This includes going into the deeper things of God. The deep is calling to the deepest part of who you are, which is spirit. For many of us that is the unknown because we are so accustomed to living in the power of the soulish realm. However, God is calling for a more authentic power source by way of connection with him through faith.

The other aspect that we should recognize is that in us moving into this new place in God, we literally are stepping into our inheritance. (to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance) God knows that we are a people that are best motivated by reward, so he connected our future with our transition. The problem is that we’ve allowed the enemy into deceiving us that the two are not really connected or that there will be some other way that we will be able to maneuver around faith that will still get us to destiny. Fortunately (said because it’s really to our benefit), the two are inseparable. Faith is our future, the future is part of our inheritance, and our true inheritance is God. It’s no mistake that God spoke this word to Abraham in Genesis in the beginning of the bible and here again in the later part of the New Testament. He knew that even coming out of an old covenant into a new and better covenant he would have to reiterate that faith would still be necessary to transcend man’s life from one dispensation of the movement and works of God into another. And just like the scriptures, we are living this life from the end to the beginning again. We are just simply working out the middle part of the storyline that God calls our life. It’s up to us to move and make that transition smooth from what we think is the unknown, to what will be and has always been known to the Lord. There is a new place that is awaiting our arrival. There is a new sound that is echoing in the spirit that is calling us up higher and deeper into purpose. We must not fear it but embrace it, and allow faith’s power to spread over every uncertainty and expectation that we have in our hearts and minds.


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